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Undermining The Japanese Miracle

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Undermining the Japanese Miracle describes the underside of Japan's economic miracle. It is an account of people who have been forgotten in Japan's push to industrialise in the post-war era: the coalminers of Chikuho, on Japan's southernmost island. The dirty and neglected character of Chikuho is in stark and revealing contrast to Japan's prevailing image as an international leader in technology and an affluent country of great social harmony. In effect, the people of Chikuho have been sacrificed for the development of Japan's overall economy.
This book looks at some of the effects of economic rationalist policies: the neglect of the former coalminers by the government and the coal companies has created a situation whereby the region is poor and isolated, and the unemployment, crime and welfare dependence rates are high. There is little hope of economic recovery in this coalmining area.
Matthew Allen challenges the concepts of industrial harmony, economic foresight, cultural homogeneity and caring political management that dominate much of the literature in Japan. He describes how the people of the coalfields see themselves, providing insights into an aspect of Japanese society that is rarely encountered.

The Mining Law

RRP $259.99

In this highly entertaining as well as profoundly scholarly study of the 1872 Mining Law, John Leshy has produced both a legal treatise and a history of the West written from the vantage point of mineral exploration and production. The Mining Law illuminates some of the more obscure corners of Western history, federal land and resource policy, and the relationships among various branches of government in making and carrying out policy. For more than a century the mining of hard-rock minerals in the United States has been carried out under this law, which was written to promote mineral development in the age of the pick-and-shovel prospector. It is the last important survivor of the great laws undergirding the westward expansion. The Mining Law has never been changed to reflect modern mining technologies or newer social values that question whether mineral extraction is the best use of the land and its resources. From its enactment, the Mining Law's inadequacies have given rise to illegal abuse, litigation, and patchwork regulation by federal agencies and judge-made law. Leshy explains how the law has survived by a combination of executive and judicial manipulation in the face of legislative paralysis. Today, as concern mounts about economic efficiency, government regulation, environmental protection, the rebuilding of the nation's industrial base, and competing uses of the land and its resources, the argument for reform of the law becomes compelling. The present law not only obstructs the very mineral development it was designed to promote; it may no longer be in the national interest. Certainly any future attempts to rewrite or amend the Law will start off with Leshy's exposition and analysis of its origins, operation, and implementation, and his detailed examination of the issues surrounding the law, its interpretation by courts and administrative agencies, and the attempts to adapt the law to changing conditions and social goals. Assessing the prospect for reform in today's political climate, he suggests arrangements regarding the law's reform that might be concluded by industry, small operators, and environmental protection advocates as well as creative measures that might be taken by Congress, the president, and the courts.

Data Mining Using Neural Networks

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A concise, easy-to-understand guide to using neural networks in data mining for mathematics, engineering, psychology, and computer science applications, this book compares how neural network models and statistical models are used to tackle data analysis problems. It focuses on the top of the hierarchy of the computational process and shows how neural networks can perform traditional statistical methods of analysis. The book includes some classical and Bayesian statistical inference results and employs R to illustrate the techniques.


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