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A Walking Guide To The Cornish Mining World Heritage Site

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Publisher of the acclaimed Official Guide to the Jurassic Coast, Coastal Publishing Limited is a fast growing publisher with an expanding list of books with regional interest and national appeal. This book suggests ten walks in nine of the Areas that comprise the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site, each played a major part in the development of Britain as a great industrial nation. Natural resources and human skill, ingenuity and labour were equal factors in this contribution. Today, the ten Areas offer the visitor natural beauty and a rich heritage of the mining industry that was once so important to the nation; they combine to produce a fascinating landscape. The walks are suitable for all the family and none are strenuous. The route of each walk is overlaid onto stunning aerial photography, showing walkers the landscape and features, followed by a description of each walk and information about the area. As well as the walks there are details of places to explore and attractions to visit - all you need for a memorable day out! Come and explore dramatic cliffs, golden beaches, hidden valleys and beautiful countryside, and learn about the endeavours of the miners, engineers, surface workers and 'mineral lords', as well as about the natural processes that endowed the land with such mineral wealth. It is an amazing story!

Bitcoin Mining For Beginners

RRP $16.99

Discover everything you need to know to cash in on the Bitcoin gold rush! Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular and increasingly valuable - it gained over 1,000% in value last year! Some of the people taking advantage of this Bitcoin "gold rush" are making thousands of dollars in the process! Why can't YOU be the next Bitcoin success story? In this Bitcoin step-by-step guide, you'll learn: - How to Get Bitcoins - The Benefits of Bitcoin Mining - How to Successfully Create a Bitcoin Mining "Rig" - Pros and Cons of Joining Bitcoin Mining Pools - The Future of Bitcoin Learn step-by-step how to become successful with Bitcoin with this complete Bitcoin mining guide! ON 50% OFF SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Make an investment in your financial future and grab your copy TODAY!

History Of Gold Mining In The United States

RRP $16.99

Gold was known by the Indians to exist in the United States long before the white people discovered it, but unlike the Indians of Mexico, the more northern natives did not make elaborate use of it, and it did not seriously attract the attention of the settlers until shortly before the beginning of the nineteenth century. No very important mining, however, was done until after 1800, when a little gold began to be obtained in North Carolina. Long before that time the gold of California had also been known to the natives and to the Franciscan monks, but that country then belonged to Mexico and was not taken by the United States until 1846...

A Golden Book Of Action Workbook

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This workbook is intended to be used during and after a Golden Book Retreat to help the participant thoroughly study and record the insights gined from the topic.

Data Mining And Constraint Programming

RRP $230.99

A successful integration of constraint programming and data mining has the potential to lead to a new ICT paradigm with far reaching implications. It could change the face of data mining and machine learning, as well as constraint programming technology. It would not only allow one to use data mining techniques in constraint programming to identify and update constraints and optimization criteria, but also to employ constraints and criteria in data mining and machine learning in order to discover models compatible with prior knowledge.

This book reports on some key results obtained on this integrated and cross- disciplinary approach within the European FP7 FET Open project no. 284715 on "Inductive Constraint Programming" and a number of associated workshops and Dagstuhl seminars. The book is structured in five parts: background; learning to model; learning to solve; constraint programming for data mining; and showcases. 


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